Lingo: Cheerleading, Cheer Tumbling and Basic Gymnastics (Part 3) Jumps Basics…

Lingo: Cheerleading, Cheer Tumbling and Basic Gymnastics (Part 3) Jumps Basics…




The jumps described in this addition of Lingo will be pertaining strictly to cheerleading. While some of these terms and jumps may extend to tumbling, gymnastics and Acro, these descriptions are intended only for cheerleaders or those interested in the jumps performed in cheer.


Toe Touch– A Toe Touch is probably the most common of all the jumps. You start with the appropriate jump prep following through the arm swing into a “T” motion with your arms (extended out to the sides and slightly in front of the body) as you jump off the ground bringing your legs up, with straight knees and pointed toes, behind each hand in a straddle. You then proceed to snap your legs back to the floor land with both feet together standing tall arms tight by your side.


Front Hurdler– The front hurdler is executed by following your jump prep, swinging your arms to your ears in a “touchdown” motion. Whichever leg you kick in front is the direction your turn diagonally. Your front foot kicks up between your hands as your back leg pushes the knee back trying to kick the back of your head like a scorpion’s stinger. You then snap both feet together landing tall with your arms by your side facing the diagonal or front.


Pike Jump-The pike jump is typically performed by turning all the way to either your left or right but it is NOT uncommon to see pikes to the front of diagonal as well. A pike jump begins with your normal jump prep swinging your arms passing through the “T” motion to extend directly out in front, perpendicular to your body and parallel with each other and the ground. You then bring your feet straight up together with straight legs and pointed toes between your hands as you fold your body in half, reaching past your toes. Follow the jump by snapping your feet back the ground standing tall facing the same direction you jumped.


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