Tumbling Classes

*All Tumbling Classes and Tumble Camps are held to a 6:1 Student to Coach Ratio in order to maintain maximum efficiency and coach’s attention for each athlete.* Call us today @ (512) 969-5022 to find the right class for you or email info@atxcheer.com for more information.

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Below you will find a list of all the services we offer. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Please NO Parents or relatives boyfriends or girlfriends in the gym without permission from ATX Staff at any time.


Below you will find a list of classes offered by level and description of skills that will be mastered. Please note skills with * next them mark the required skills to move to the next class.

All of our Classes are designed to build the athlete’s foundation for the next level as solid as possible. Please understand all athletes are different and will progress at a different rate. All of the classes at ATX Cheer are developed to bring your child up to speed as quick as possible, without sacrificing  proper progression through mastery of technique.

BASICS- *Handstands, *Cartwheels, *Round-offs, *Bridge Kick-overs, *Back Walk-overs, Handstand Fall to Bridge, Front Walk-overs

LEVEL 1- The level one tumbling is focused mainly on *Standing Back handsprings and *Round-off Back handsprings. The level 1 class will also continue the child’s mastery of the front walk-over.

LEVEL 2- * Standing Back Handspring Series (multiple back handsprings in a row), *Running Back Handspring Series, Front Handsprings, Front Handspring Bounder, Punch Dive-rolls.

LEVEL 3- The Level 3 tumbling class will build upon the now super solid foundation. The level 3Tumbling at ATX Cheer class works on* Specialty passes to Tucks. *Punch Fronts. Front Handspring Fronts, *Standing  Multiple Back Handsprings to Tuck.

LEVEL 4- The Level 4 Tumble Class continues the foundation laid in the Standing Tucks and Layout Class. The student will master their *Standing Back Handsprings to layout as well as *Specialty pass to Layout, Front Layouts, and more Standing Tucks. Athletes will also be introduced to twisting and Bounding as they progress further in the class.

LEVEL 5 The level 5 class is for a different kind of athlete. Only committed  focused athletes should consider the level 5 tumbling class. We begin to work Elite level skills such as *Double fulls (standing and running), front twisting, *Bounding skills to twists.